PVC Coated EYS Male-Female Hubs

PVC Coated EYS Male-Female Hub Sealing Fittings are used in hazardous locations to prevent flame and gas from continuing to travel through the conduit system. PVC coating provides corrosion protection. A sealing compound should be used on the interior after wiring. Compound supplied by the original fitting manufacturer.


  • Exterior PVC coating thickness is a minimum 0.040″
  • Interior Urethane coating thickness is a minimum 0.002″
  • Sizes available are 1/2″ to 4″
  • The length of the sleeve extension(s) shall be at least equivalent to the nominal conduit size for sizes 1/2″- 2″. For sizes 2-1/2″- 6″, the length of the sleeve extension(s) shall be at least 2″.
  • Sealing sleeve is provided on plug hub (patching compound recommended on top of plug)
  • Mating sealing forms are provided on all caps
  • Sealing sleeves on all conduit openings
  • Available in steel and aluminum


    • EYS1-3, 11-31, 16-36, 116-316
      Class I, Division 1 & 2, Groups A, B, C, D Class III
    • EYS41-101, 416-1016
      Class I, Division 1 & 2, Groups B, C, D Class III
    • EYS29, 4-014, 46-0146 EZS1-8, 16-86
      Class I, Division 1 & 2, Groups C, D Class III
  • UL Standard: 886
  • CSA Standard: C22.2

PVC Coated EYS Male-Female Hubs

Vertical/HorizontalItem NumberTrade Size (in)Weight Per 100 (lbs)ABTurning Radius
Vertical HorizontalPV0700EYS2163/41203.691.581.25
Vertical HorizontalPV1000EYS31612604.311.831.38
Vertical HorizontalPV1200EYS4161-1/43005.062.271.72
Vertical HorizontalPV1200EYS461-1/42805.062.271.72
Vertical HorizontalPV0500EYS1161-1/21003.691.331.16
Vertical HorizontalPV1500EYS5161-1/23805.52.522.6
Vertical HorizontalPV1500EYS561-1/23705.52.522.06
Vertical HorizontalPV2000EYS61625506.253.082.31
Vertical HorizontalPV2000EYS6625606.253.082.31
Vertical HorizontalPV2500EYS7162-1/2Contact Factory7.53.52.687
Vertical HorizontalPV2500EYS762-1/213207.53.582.69
Vertical HorizontalPV3000EYS8163Contact Factory8.54.253.313
Vertical HorizontalPV3000EYS86311208.54.333.31
Vertical HorizontalPV3500EYS9163-1/2Contact Factory9.1884.753.437
Vertical HorizontalPV3500EYS963-1/214509.194.833.44
Vertical HorizontalPV4000EYS10164Contact Factory9.755.253.687
Vertical HorizontalPV4000EYS10641509.755.333.69
Vertical HorizontalPV5000EYS01265Contact Factory11.066.54.59
Vertical HorizontalPV6000EYS01466Contact Factory12.137.6255.344
VerticalPA0500EYS16SA1/2Contact Factory3.281.331.63
VerticalPA0700EYS26SA3/4Contact Factory3.751.581.91
VerticalPA1000EYS36SA1Contact Factory4.311.832.38
Vertical HorizontalPA1200EYS46SA1-1/4Contact Factory5.062.271.72
Vertical HorizontalPA1500EYS56SA1-1/2Contact Factory5.52.522.06
Vertical HorizontalPA2000EYS66SA2Contact Factory6.253.082.31
Vertical HorizontalPA2500EYS76SA2-1/2Contact Factory7.53.582.69
Vertical HorizontalPA3000EYS86SA3Contact Factory8.54.333.31
Vertical HorizontalPA3500EYS96SA3-1/2Contact Factory9.194.833.44
Vertical HorizontalPA4000EYS106SA4Contact Factory9.755.333.69
Vertical HorizontalPA0500EYS116SA1-1/2Contact Factory3.691.331.16
Vertical HorizontalPA0700EYS216SA3/4Contact Factory3.691.581.25
Vertical HorizontalPA1000EYS316SA1Contact Factory4.311.831.38
Vertical HorizontalPA1200EYS416SA1-1/4Contact Factory5.062.271.72