PVC Coated EYS Female Hubs

PVC Coated EYS Female Hub Sealing Fittings are used in hazardous locations to prevent flame and gas from continuing to travel through the conduit system. PVC coating provides corrosion protection. A sealing compound should be used on the interior after wiring. Compound supplied by the original fitting manufacturer.


  • Exterior PVC coating thickness is a minimum 0.040″
  • Interior Urethane coating thickness is a minimum 0.002″
  • Sizes available are 1/2″ to 6″
  • The length of the sleeve extension(s) shall be at least equivalent to the nominal conduit size for sizes 1/2″- 2″. For sizes 2-1/2″- 6″, the length of the sleeve extension(s) shall be at least 2″.
  • Sealing sleeve is provided on plug hub (patching compound recommended on top of plug)
  • Mating sealing forms are provided on all caps
  • Sealing sleeves on all conduit openings
  • Available in steel and aluminum


    • EYS1-3, 11-31, 16-36, 116-316
      Class I, Division 1 & 2, Groups A, B, C, D Class III
    • EYS41-101, 416-1016
      Class I, Division 1 & 2, Groups B, C, D Class III
    • EYS29, 4-014, 46-0146 EZS1-8, 16-86
      Class I, Division 1 & 2, Groups C, D Class III
  • UL Standard: 886
  • CSA Standard: C22.2

UL Listings Include

  • Ferrous electrical conduit: File # DYIX.E226472
  • Ferrous electrical conduit with PVC coating: File # DYJC.E226472

PVC Coated EYS Female Hubs

Vertical/HorizontalItem NumberTrade Size (in)Weight Per 100 (lbs)ABTurning Radius
Vertical HorizontalPV0700EYS213/41103.691.581.25
Vertical HorizontalPV1000EYS3112204.311.831.38
Vertical HorizontalPV1200EYS41-1/42705.062.271.72
Vertical HorizontalPV1200EYS411-1/43005.062.271.72
Vertical HorizontalPV1500EYS51-1/23705.52.522.06
Vertical HorizontalPV0500EYS111-1/21303.691.331.16
Vertical HorizontalPV1500EYS511-1/23805.52.522.6
Vertical HorizontalPV2000EYS624706.253.082.31
Vertical HorizontalPV2000EYS6125506.253.082.31
Vertical HorizontalPV2500EYS72-1/210007.53.582.69
Vertical HorizontalPV2500EYS712-1/2Contact Factory7.53.52.687
Vertical HorizontalPV3000EYS8311208.54.333.31
Vertical HorizontalPV3000EYS813Contact Factory8.54.253.313
Vertical HorizontalPV3500EYS93-1/214509.194.833.44
Vertical HorizontalPV4000EYS10416009.755.333.69
Vertical HorizontalPV5000EYS0125Contact Factory11.066.54.59
Vertical HorizontalPV4000EYS1014Contact Factory9.755.253.687
Vertical HorizontalPV6000EYS0146Contact Factory12.137.6255.344
Vertical HorizontalPV3500EYS913-1/2Contact Factory9.1884.753.437
Contact FactoryPA0500EYS1SA1/2Contact Factory4.281.33Contact Factory
Contact FactoryPA500EYS11SA1/2Contact Factory4.691.33Contact Factory
Contact FactoryPA0700EYS21SA3/4Contact Factory5.191.58Contact Factory
Contact FactoryPA0700EYS2SA3/4Contact Factory5.251.58Contact Factory
Contact FactoryPA1000EYS31SA1Contact Factory6.311.83Contact Factory
Contact FactoryPA1000EYS3SA1Contact Factory6.311.83Contact Factory
Contact FactoryPA1200EYS4SA1 1/4Contact Factory7.562.27Contact Factory
Contact FactoryPA1500EYS5SA1 1/2Contact Factory8.52.52Contact Factory
Contact FactoryPA2000EYS6SA2Contact Factory10.253.08Contact Factory
Contact FactoryPA2500EYS7SA2 1/2Contact Factory11.53.58Contact Factory
Contact FactoryPA3000EYS8SA3Contact Factory12.54.33Contact Factory
Contact FactoryPA3500EYS9SA3 1/2Contact Factory13.194.83Contact Factory
Contact FactoryPA4000EYS10SA4Contact Factory13.755.33Contact Factory