Calbond offers a complete line of PVC coated conduit, fittings, and accessories for the protection of electrical conduit systems corrosive environments.

Superior Corrosion Protection

  • All Calbond products are UL Listed and NEMA RN-1 compliant with no exceptions
  • UL6 Listed with both the zinc coating and PVC coatings primary coatings
  • UL PVC adhesion performance tested (DYJC.E226472) where conduit is sequentially subjected to air oven conditioning and exposure test, resistance to salt spray (fog) and adhesion test of ANSI/UL6

Product Enhancements

  • Specially formulated PVC provides superior protection to the conduit systems
  • Specially formulated urethane internal coating provides the longest available lifecycle
  • Calbond products feature a 40 exterior PVC coating and a mil urethane coating on the interior and threads.
  • All fittings incorporate our flexible overlapping sleeves, ensuring tight seal at every connection
  • Sealing sleeves are provided on all female threads and fit tightly over coated conduit
  • Encapsulated stainless steel screws are provided on all fittings


Calbond PVC coated rigid steel conduit is used for highly corrosive environments. The coating will provide corrosion protection and mechanical protection. Ground continuity is maintained throughout the installation.

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PVC Coated Nipples

Calbond PVC coated nipples are available in all lengths and diameters. All nipples are manufactured from Calbond PVC coated conduit.

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Calbond PVC coated conduit should be installed without damaging the coating on the conduit and fittings. Calbond offers an assortment of tools to facilitate a damage free installation so that you can use the proper tools, designed specifically for PVC coated conduit & fittings. Installing Calbond PVC coated conduit using conventional tools may result in damaged coating, rendering a failed installation.

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