Waste Water Treatment IndustryAccording to American Waterworks Association industry database, there are approximately 876,000 miles of municipal water piping in the United States, while the sewer system consists of 16,400 publicly owned treatment facilities that release 41 billion gallons of wastewater per day.

The total annual direct cost of corrosion for drinking water and sewer systems is $36 billion, which includes the costs of replacing aging infrastructure, leaks, corrosion inhibitors, external coatings due to sun or heat exposure, and cathodic protection. PVC coated conduit systems, like those from Calbond®, can be integrated within a system and protect the workings of the WWTP from corrosive damage. Calbond® offers a complete line of PVC coated conduit, fittings and conduit accessories for the protection of electrical conduit systems in highly corrosive environments.

  • Wastewater treatment plants process and handle some of the most corrosive solids and liquids throughout process engineering, often causing damage after prolonged operation to pipes, tanks, pumps, and electrical conduit systems. Cracks in the wastewater treatment tanks, leaks from the storage tanks, and leaching of contaminants from sludge in on-site storage areas can lead to corrosion in a WWTP.
  • Many waste related treatment tanks and piping systems are coated to protect against corrosive environments. Wastewater treatment plants making use of PVC coated conduit systems, like those from Calbond can prevent infrastructure corrosion problems.
  • PVC coating is available on galvanized rigid steel and aluminum conduit
  • Calbond PVC Coated Rigid Steel Conduit is ETL-PVC-001 adhesion performance test verified
  • UL® Listed and NEMA RN-1 compliant with no exceptions
  • UL6 Listed with both zinc and PVC as primary coatings, providing two layers of corrosion protection
  • UL PVC adhesion performance tested (DYJC E226472), where conduit is sequentially subjected to air oven conditioning exposure test and resistance salt spray (fog) and adhesion test of ANSI/UL6
  • Specially formulated urethane internal coating provides the longest available product life cycle
  • Proven to provide corrosion protection at a fraction of the cost of stainless steel conduit
  • Broadest product offering for corrosion protected conduit systems