Calbond® Certified Installer Program

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Learn the proper procedures and proven techniques to ensure a quality corrosion resistant conduit system.

The Calbond® Certified Installer Program provides the proper procedures and proven techniques to ensure a quality corrosion resistant conduit system. With proper installation, one can expect a long lasting, superior corrosion resistant conduit system that requires little to no maintenance.

Who Should Attend?

Installers and electricians who utilize Calbond® PVC Coated Conduit Systems

Benefits of Attending the Course

  • Quality installation by trained professionals
  • Meet industry specifications requiring certified installers of PVC coated conduit systems
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Extends product warranty from 2 years to 5 years

Course Information


Suggested 2 years experience installing PVC coated conduit systems

Qualification After Completion

Calbond® Certified Installer

Course Objectives

To have a full understanding for current applicable specifications along with the skills and expertise to install Calbond® PVC Coated Conduit Systems

  • Clamping: Demonstrate proper use of recommended clamping devices and additional tools required to ensure the integrity of PVC coating over UL galvanized rigid conduit GRC.
  • Cutting: Highlight the various tools and techniques for cutting and preparing coated conduit for threading and bending in the field setting.
  • Threading: List the appropriate threading tools and machinery for each trade size of coated conduit.
  • Bending: Proper bending techniques for custom field bending on
    coated conduit.
  • Repair: Recommended procedures for repairing areas of damaged coating on PVC coated conduit systems. A properly repaired coating is essential for a long lasting corrosion resistant system.
  • Certification Process: Written examination.
  • 65% Practical 35% Theory

Course Curriculum

  • Plant Operations Tour: 30 minutes
  • Understanding Corrosion and its Consequences and Prevention,
  • Classroom Instruction, 1 hour
  • Hands-on Training: Training Center, 2 hours
  • Standards and Installation Tools: 1 hour
  • Written Test Administered
  • Presentation of Course Completion Materials

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