PVC Coated LL Mark Conduit Bodies


  • Exterior PVC coating thickness is a minimum 0.040″
  • Interior urethane coating thickness is a minimum 0.002″
  • Specialized corrosion resistant coating provided on threads
  • Sizes available are 1/2″ to 4″
  • Fittings are supplied with plastic encapsulated stainless steel screws


Calbond offers the full line of LL Form 7 PVC Coated Conduit Bodies. Conduit Bodies are installed in conduit systems to; act as pull outlets for conductors being installed, provide openings for making splices in conductors, and to provide access to conductors for maintenance and future system changes. All fittings are supplied with PVC coated cast iron covers. The sleeved threaded ends offer complete protection against corrosion while maintaining full ground continuity throughout the installed system.


  • UL Standard 514B
  • CSA Standard: C22.2 No. 18

PVC Coated LL Form 7 Fittings

Item NumberTrade Size (in)Metric Size (mm)ABCDEWeight Per 100 (lbs)
PV0500LL171/2Contact Factory5.11.422.290.943.19120
PV0700LL273/4Contact Factory5.981.672.481.133.81160
PV1000LL371Contact Factory7.041.922.791.384.5210
PV1200LL471-1/4Contact Factory7.792.353.231.755300
PV1500LL571-1/2Contact Factory8.672.63.61.945.44410
PV2000LL672Contact Factory10.
PV2500LL7772-1/2Contact Factory12.543.675.793.568.381000
PV3000LL873Contact Factory12.544.425.793.568.381270
PV3500LL973-1/2Contact Factory14.734.926.984.510.251900
PV4000LL1074Contact Factory14.735.426.984.510.251900
PA0500LL17SA1/2165.11.422.290.943.19Contact Factory
PA0700LL27SA3/4215.981.672.481.133.81Contact Factory
PA1000LL37SA1277.041.922.791.384.5Contact Factory
PA1200LL47SA1-1/4357.792.353.231.755Contact Factory
PA1500LL57SA1-1/2418.672.63.61.945.44Contact Factory
PA2000LL67SA25310. Factory
PA2500LL777SA2-1/26312.543.675.793.568.38Contact Factory
PA3000LL87SA37812.544.425.793.568.38Contact Factory
PA3500LL97SA3-1/29114.734.926.984.510.25Contact Factory
PA4000LL107SA410314.735.426.984.510.25Contact Factory