5 Jan 2018

PVC coated pipe on wallWhen installing a Calbond® PVC coated conduit system, the corrosion resistant properties of the channel and strut accessories are just as important as that of the conduit system itself.

When using PVC coated conduit with ordinary galvanized channel strut and clamps, the channel becomes more susceptible to corrosion than the electrical raceway system, thus compromising the integrity of the entire support and increasing risk of damage. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to remain consistent with a complete PVC coated conduit system, including strut and accessories.

PVC coated channel and accessory design

The system starts with a galvanized channel to which 20mils for PVC coating is applied. This ensures that the conduit support system provides maximum protection from corrosion. Accessories such as straps and clamps are specially designed to be slightly oversized prior to coating, resulting in a snug fit once 20mils of PVC is applied. These oversized accessories are needed to accommodate the PVC coating as well as the 40mils of coating on the conduit, for proper fit. A full list of channel configurations and accessories can be found in Calbond®’s product catalog.