16 Sep 2014

Specially formulated urethane internal coating provides the longest available product lifecycle.

Calbond®, a leading USA supplier and manufacturer of PVC coated conduit and fittings, has developed a comprehensive line of PVC coated conduit, device boxes, GUA junction boxes, sealing fittings, union and pulling elbows, and strut that can be used throughout harsh oil & gas environments. Calbond®’s USA-made product line and competitive pricing make it an ideal choice for integration within new oil & gas facilities or as a replacement for aging products in existing plants.

According to corrosionda.com, the annual cost of corrosion in the USA for oil and gas exploration, production and refining is over $5.1 billion. These costs are a result of unscheduled plant shutdowns, lost production, high maintenance repair costs and imposed fines. Calbond® products are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, harsh, toxic, flammable and acidic elements found in the oil and gas industry. PVC coated conduit is often used in the oil and gas industry because of its affordability and flexibility.

Calbond®’s PVC coated conduit is available in both galvanized rigid steel as well as rigid aluminum and comes in 12 trade sizes from ½” – 6”.  Calbond® PVC coated conduit is UL listed and fully compliant, without exception, to the NEMA RN-1 and ANSI C80.1 requirements. Calbond®’s device boxes can be purchased in 3 trade sizes from ½” to 1”, with flexible overlapping sleeves and added protection by way of an interior urethane coating. Beam clamps and straps are available in right angle, edge, U bolt, parallel, and beam varieties for all thread configurations. Strut is cut standard, punch, or slotted in back-to-back and half-sizes, sized to fit all Calbond® conduit.

“Calbond® products have been very successful when used in oil and gas facilities,” said Mike Lang, Product Manager. “Our ability to customize products to fit specific design needs and our complete line of installation tools allow for seamless replacement when old components begin to fail, meaning you don’t have to close up shop when unforeseen misfortune occurs.”