4 Jan 2017

Calbond®™, a leading USA supplier and manufacturer of PVC coated conduit and fittings, will add PVC coated expansion joints to its product line.

Calbond®’s XJG PVC coated expansion joints are used in long conduit runs where horizontal movement may occur due to thermal expansion or contraction. Calbond® XJG expansion joints feature an internal bonding jumper. The PVC coating and internal urethane coating provides superior corrosion protection while maintaining electrical continuity across assembled joints.

The XJG expansion joint provides protection from buckling, allowing for either 4″ or 8″ horizontal movement and features a 40 mil PVC exterior coating with a 2 mil urethane interior coating. Additionally, there is no need for an external bonding jumper, eliminating the need for disassembly. The XJG expansion joints meet UL 514B and CSA C22.2 No. 18 standards, and is available in 10 trade sizes from ½” through 4″.

“We are pleased to offer the XJG expansion joints to our PVC coated conduit product line,” said Mike Lang, Product Manager. “The XJG is very easy to integrate, available in ten trade sizes, and perfect for situations where thermal expansion or contraction is a primary concern in system performance.”

Calbond® XJG expansion joints provide superior corrosion in applications such as roadways and bridges that may cause horizontal movement of conduit systems. Experts recommend protective and custom coating for corrosion control and maintenance on conduit systems. Calbond® PVC coated conduit systems are the proven solution to fight infrastructure corrosion, resulting in extended service life and reduced maintenance costs.