3 Feb 2016

Calbond®, a leading USA supplier and manufacturer of PVC coated conduit and fittings, provides customers with “special bend” capabilities, among other value-added services.

Calbond® specializes in producing conduit runs from complex layouts with a 24-72 hour turnaround time on most production and custom jobs. Standard threading & bending capabilities are available in PVC coated galvanized and aluminum with diameters ranging from 0.5” – 6.0” and radii of 12.0” to 360.0” in 12.0” increments. Special large-radii bending capabilities offer custom segment bends (11-0.25° – 15° – 22-0.50° – 30° – 60°) in a variety of radii, large diameter and difficult-to-field bend stubs and

offsets equipped with large diameter special length nipples. All Calbond®

products are ARRA-compliant utilizing domestically manufactured materials.

“Calbond® provides customers with a detailed set of production options and individual walkthroughs of layout possibilities, including customizable options, for a variety of different applications,” said Mike Lang, Product Manager. “Whatever conduit bend is needed, we can build a clean, practical, and easy-to-maintain set of conduit that can be integrated both indoors and outdoors. Our products’ rugged construction and extended lifespan mean only minimal maintenance will be necessary if any at all.”

While an electrician or another operator could bend the conduit him/herself, this is often time-consuming and costly. Sometimes, the degree point to which a conduit needs to be bent in the field may be difficult to accomplish accurately using available equipment. Calbond®’s substantial available inventory, competitive pricing, and customer commitment mean a dedicated, quick response to any project requirement nationwide. This expertise and design flexibility allows for effortless accommodation of special requests and “unscheduled,” last-minute changes. Even more complex bend layouts, such as offsets that allow the conduit plane to clear obstacles or to rise up from a wall to enter a junction box, can be customized to specific project needs. Calbond®’s corrosion-proof PVC is always in high demand within the transportation and infrastructure markets, as well as within wastewater treatment facilities. Corroded conduit spells disaster for the aforementioned systems—often resulting in shutdowns where old components must be completely replaced, which is a lengthy and costly process.